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Qigong Helps Balance Body Weight for Diabetics

Among the many Traditional Chinese Medicines is a movement oriented practice called Qigong which involves movement exercises and breathing control. Acupuncture is another Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM.

A recent study at Bastyr University in Washington tested the results of having type 2 diabetics do Qigong in groups on a regular basis as well as on their own at home. The results were very intriguing as not only did overweight patients lose weight while performing Qigong but dangerously underweight patients actually gained weight. These results are preliminary but seem to suggest that Qigong exhibits a sort of homeostatic effect on patients where their bodies respond by balancing out their body mass to a healthier level.

This type of research lends a lot of credence to Qigong and TCM in general which until recently was shunned by the mainstream medical community. The advent of intense acupuncture research has also brought TCM into the mainstream.