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More Doctors Recommending Acupuncture to Patients

by Friselina Locadia, LAc

A lot of people unfamiliar with acupuncture are hesitant to try it for a number of reasons. Some are afraid of needles or have been turned off of the idea by their doctors, who insist that acupuncture is a sham, have turned others off of the idea.

A wealth of scientific research into the efficacy and biological outcomes of acupuncture over the past few years has shocked western medicine by revealing that acupuncture can vastly improve quality of life in a number of cases. Cases ranging from depression to stress, to nausea and chronic pain (to name a few) have been proven to be treatable with acupuncture.

Several studies have also concluded that acupuncture, as an adjunctive to pharmaceuticals for ailments such as migraines and other chronic headaches, is very effective in treating these ailments.

In the face of such overwhelming evidence, Doctors are changing their tune and are starting to come around on acupuncture.

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